Why outsourcing your print management could be the best thing you do this year for your bottom line (and your stress levels)

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June 5, 2019

Back in the day of mailrooms and photocopiers, companies (maybe even yours!)

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Probably had a dedicated staff member whose sole professional purpose was to organise everyone’s printing and copying. And because they did it every day, they knew everything about the best place to get the best outcome for your print.

The rise of digital, and the purposeful step towards more economical (and ecological) ways of printing,  has seen this change. And while the mailroom has gone, and a paperless office is the dream for the future, businesses still need print and collateral.

Despite the common acceptance from IT professionals that more needs to be done to increase efficiency, reduce costs and prevent data breaches from occurring, print management is one area where this impact often goes unnoticed. The responsibilities for print management too often lie with admin assistants or marketing managers — so someone who is unfamiliar with printing, and has 100 other things to do, and no time to understand the finer details of printing and data management. Ultimately, an ad-hoc approach to print management can cost thousands of dollars in lost time and efficiency.

Enter your Print Management Team (insert sound of relief from your marketing and EA team). Working with an organisation like DMC Group to manage your print will give your visibility and control of your printing, and ultimately help you save money and boost productivity. Managed print also helps you improve environmental sustainability and document security.

Print management is essentially the management of various print tasks - from brochure and flyer printing through to signage and direct marketing printing and distribution. It can also include management of the data for print distribution, as well as the warehousing and stock holding data management for your printed materials. (No more finding boxes of brochures printed eight years ago under the EA’s desk!)

Your DMC Group Print Management Experience

Using our experience and skills we are able to put the right specification into the right printer. The benefits to you of working with DMC Group to manage your print requirements are:

  • Can reduce printing spend overall by improving efficiencies and benefiting from spend consolidation
  • Reduce the likelihood of errors with an extra set of eyes looking over your job, and an experienced team member who can often intercept a problem before it happens
  • You have an experienced print expert on hand to offer the best advice the industry will offer
  • Long existing relationships between the print management company and printer will mean a more fluid print process and fewer issues to deal with
  • Improved security with Privacy Act compliant management of your customer data
  • Ensures the best quality job delivered to schedule
  • Improve the print outcome - our experience across multiple print types and outputs gives you the insight of what’s possible for your brand
  • Reduce waste - by tracking your print material usage and warehousing over time, and improving efficiencies, we can minimise waste
  • Reduce your carbon footprint - DMC Group is the only Australian marketing services agency that can produce all of your marketing materials at 100% carbon neutral.

If you would like to use DMC Group for your next print project, please contact us, and we can get started for you.

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