Taking the pain out of sporting gear for your school 

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August 8, 2019

Sport .. Australians love to play it, and watch it too.

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We have long-known that the benefits of participating in sport, particularly at school-age, are far-reaching and often life-long - ranging from building healthy lifestyle habits, boosting self esteem, or developing teamwork and leadership skills, through to simply having fun.

But perhaps the most compelling reason that kids like to participate in team sports is the belonging to a group of people who have the same goals and interests. And nothing says that you’re part of the team quite like having the jersey, playing shirt or jumper to prove it.

Students wear their uniforms to represent their school and as a badge of honor, and keep their playing gear as a memento of their schooling life. And the more customised, the better. Kids want to be identified on the court or the field, in the classroom and playground - with names blazoned across the back, just like their favourite sporting stars.

“Heroes don't always have capes, badges or uniforms. Sometimes, they support those who do.”  
- Andrea Randall

Team managers, sporting clubs and schools have always understood the need for good quality playing gear, but have struggled to find a simple, cost effective and seamless process to deliver these essential items.

“With new technologies and increasing complexities and options for personalisation, the requirements for team uniforms are now even more complex,” says DMC Group Managing Director, Craig Rodda. “And for managing staff with little or no expertise in this area, organising the uniforms are simply a distraction from getting on with the game.  

That’s why Assumption College recently came to us to help out with their teamwear. DMC Group worked with their team management to develop a savvy design with customisable garments for their primary sporting teams, managing all manufacture and logistics, monthly rebates, and delivered an online payment and ordering system product delivery direct to students.

“Utilising DMC Group’s seamless end-user online platform, backed by the foundational work behind the scenes with the staffing team, Assumption College saved a huge number of staffing hours and ultimately saved them money, too, while still offering affordable, presentable and comfortable uniforms for students.”

DMC has been building expertise in the provision of school teamwear for more than a decade, with experience in all facets from sourcing through to delivery. DMC Group is QC certified and can produce locally or offshore. And complemented by expertise in online ordering systems, DMC Group can facilitate all ordering and payment systems for maximum simplicity.

“Our expertise includes custom design, to manufacture and warehousing, to online ordering and payment gateways, with monthly rebates and distribution of uniforms directly to the school or end-user,” says Craig. “We know that sports participants value their uniforms during and well beyond the playing of the game. Our job is to make sure they look the part, feel the part, and the whole team - playing and support - can simply focus on the game.”

How DMC Group can help you with team uniforms

Whether it be for sporting events or open days, DMC Group can source the right apparel for your school - either locally, or offshore - to meet your branding standards, along with your quality and budget requirements. We can also support your brand with warehousing and distribution of the goods, along with development and management of your school’s online ordering capabilities.

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