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November 21, 2019

Building strong relationships.

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Assumption College reached out to DMC Group in the lead up to the introduction of an exciting new curriculum reform program to be introduced in 2020.

The program, which offers an entirely new ‘stage not age’ model of learning, required a name, imagery and resources, to help the student and parent community understand and embrace the model. Without the in-house expertise and resources of branding and graphic design team, DMC Group were charged with delivering resources for the program to reimagine the school experience. 

“This project has been ‘active’ since March 2019, although the desire for a ‘stage not age’ curriculum has been a dream for about three years”, said Vaughan Cleary, Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching at Assumption College. “Without DMC Group’s input, we would not have been able to explain to our community in a clear, visual manner, how the myMAP program works, and produce the resources in an efficient and timely fashion. 

“I was impressed by the ability of the team to design products, and produce imagery that was so closely aligned with our needs. DMC’s work was very important to the success of the project – they worked alongside us to co-produce an amazing outcome, and their work ethic to deliver the products on time was impressive, as with the professionalism of their staff. With DMC’s input, we have been able to implement a hugely successful change management initiative. 

“Over many years of working together, DMC Group and Assumption College have built a strong relationship, with DMC having a very clear understanding of the school community and our needs. I would highly recommend DMC Group to any business looking for a partner in design and graphic deliverables.” 

Vaughan Cleary
Deputy Principal - Learning & Teaching

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