Invest in the experts: Why outsourcing could be the best QA decision for your business 

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July 26, 2019

In business, we all want our customers’ experience with our brand and our products to be a good one ..

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.. not only to maximise your customer retention, but also to increase your referral business opportunities.

The cornerstone of producing great interactions with our customers is consistency - consistency which is delivered through systems and processes, combined with a large dose of experience; consistency which comes from quality assurance systems to ensure  that your customers’ experience is the best possible, and as we intended it.

And in your business’s area of expertise, you’ve got your systems down pat, right? But what about the add-on customer-interaction activities that make your business tick over?

Day to day business functions like mailouts, printing, production of promotional goods and uniforms, or warehousing and distribution require an entirely new skills and a set of systems to meet those high expectations that your customers have become accustomed to.

Has your internal team got the internal know-how and time to ensure that these support functions meet the same quality standards that your customers have come to expect from you?

This is where, sometimes, it’s best to get in the experts. Enter outsourcing.

Outsourcing your production to a specialist with systems, processes and experience in these core business functions can not only save you money and time in the long-run, but they can also help to meet (and exceed) your customers’ expectations without you having to ‘touch’ the process. And that means that you can focus on doing the business of your business.

Here’s how smartly outsourcing those activities outside of your core business functions can save you time and money (and much more) by utilising someone else’s Quality Assurance skills and systems.

What is QA?

Quality assurance ensures that production and manufacturing meet quality standards deemed to be acceptable by the organisation and its customers. Quality assurance activities include things such as process checklists, process standards, process documentation, and auditing. Examples of quality control activities include inspection, peer review, and the software testing process.

The benefits of outsourcing to a marketing support supplier with quality assurance systems in place are far-reaching, for both your business and your customers. Here’s just a few:

Reduction of waste: Waste has always been associated with unnecessary expense of time and money. But now, savvy consumers are expecting businesses to meet ‘green’ standards through waste minimisation - and within the printing and promotional product industry, we have worked continuously to make improvements to meet customer standards, and continual innovations to lead the way on waste management.

Reduction of mistakes: It is said that mistakes are only a failure if you don’t learn from them. And in Quality Assurance terms, this means that when you outsource to experts to manage your marketing support functions, you’re reaping the benefits of learnings, systems and efficiencies generated over years of experience. So, save yourself the mistake, and lean on the experts who have already made the mistakes!

Improved efficiency through continual improvement: Because who DOESN’T want to over-deliver on customer outcomes and satisfaction in business? By utilising existing quality assurance systems to your production, this leads to opportunities for improved customer satisfaction and better quality output.

Save money: There’s no need to throw money away in your business. But by investing in outsourcing you’re not only choosing the experience, resources and systems that have been designed by specialists in areas in which you aren’t, you’re also ultimately improving the opportunity for your business to scale growth through transparent cost allocation and improved cost management.  

So, the next time you’re fighting with the mail merge, photocopier, storage room and mailing system, think about outsourcing to an expert for maximum quality control and long-term efficiency - so that you can focus on the business of doing your business.

Quality assurance with DMC Group

Outsourcing your procurement to DMC Group gives your business comfort that a quality assurance process is in place, and that we will deliver the best possible outcome for your production projects. DMC Group employs methodical process to our systems and processes underpin our successful management of complex manufacturing processes.  

DMC Group is a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association who have clearly defined standards of practice to encourage productive, ethical, and mutually beneficial commercial relationships across the supply chain, to protect the client and the promotional products industry.

We are also proudly QA ISO9001 Accredited, the most broadly used global standard for quality management systems that has been chosen and implemented by businesses all around the world to show commitment to delivering quality products and services to customers. It maintains a quality assurance system to improve operational efficiency and satisfaction of customers, providing the basis for effective processes and people to deliver effective products and services.

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