Choosing the right promotional products for your brand 

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June 27, 2019

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While digital marketing is currently the front runner for promotional activity, there’s still a place for effective promotional products to help leverage your brand presence, and provide added value to your customer’s experience with your brand.

And even though consumers are becoming more conscious about clutter and waste, they still love a ‘free’ something. And that’s great for your brand.

Promotional products are still a highly cost-effective form of promotion that if chosen correctly, will stay with your consumer for a long time - and increase your brand’s exposure and relevance, and create long-lasting loyalty for your consumer and their networks.

So, how do I choose a promotional product for my brand?

Make it relevant

It should align with your brand’s values and core message. For example, if you’re a business to business operator, you might be best placed to choose something which people use while they’re working - such as office supplies or coffee cups. Or if you’re targeting consumers, consider what they’re doing while they’re interacting with your brand - if you’re a sports clothing brand, consider a sporting accessory that might be used while wearing your brand, such as ear buds or an arm-band for your mobile phone.

Make it stand out

It needs to stand out (translate: be a little creative) and be able to tie back to your customer experience. It’s the creative brands that stand apart and become sensations. Think  

Make it keep-worthy

The best company promotional items are the ones that are not only unique, but will actually be used by the people receiving them. Things that are practical, and not overtly promotional. Even better is when these giveaways are trendy, unusual, or budget-friendly.

Produce it credibly - It’s also worth ensuring that you understand the sourcing and production supply chain to ensure that it meets with your ethical and sustainability standards.

What’s popular?

Currently, the top promotional products for brands are:

  • Eco-friendly items, such as re-usable shopping bags, coffee cups and water bottles (bpa free)
  • Digital - stylus pens, screen cloths, bluetooth mouse and powerbanks
  • Mobile phone accessories - think cases, ear buds, selfie-sticks and popsockets holders
  • Office supplies - calendars, pens, sticky notes, and organisers

How can DMC Group help?

DMC Group works closely with brand owners to facilitate and coordinate comprehensive, strategic licensing and promotional programs for major brands, sports and social organisations. DMC Group also has a DMC Asia office, with a team ‘on the ground’ and ready to source, select, monitor and quality control all product requirements.

The DMC Group and DMC Asia teams understand our clients brands and work to ensure we create custom promotional solutions that are innovative, on brief and on budget.

DMC Group is a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association. We are also proudly QA ISO9001 Accredited. This methodical process to our systems and processes underpin our successful management of complex manufacturing processes.

We are also one of the few Australian marketing services agency that can produce all of your marketing materials at 100% carbon neutral. We partner with the Carbon Reduction Institute to monitor and offset our, and our clients, carbon emissions.



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